Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Kiln! A New Technology Breakthrough!

We are proud and excited to announce another innovation from Jen-Ken Kilns!

We asked our customers to share the things they love about the kilns in the ProFusion Series ALL FIBER line; including the 15" "Bonnie Glo", the 11" Fiber Fuser, and the 36" ProFusion Platinum model. After a year of raves about SUPER FAST HEATING AND COOLING TIMES, RELIABILITY, PORTABILITY, EASE OF USE, AND LOWER ENERGY COSTS, we decided it was time to add a new mid-range size to the line!

This all new fiber kiln has been in extensive testing for the last 3 months and does some pretty miraculous stuff. We know you're going to love it!

The design is totally innovative!

  • Wow, it's big! 16" x 16" x 5" deep! This is the largest firing area for its size and weight in the industry! You don't need to clear a large area in you studio/home to fire this kiln. It reaches fusing temps in less than 90 minutes! 
  • All new clamshell design. There has never been an all fiber kiln this size with a design like this! This clam shell design allows users to load right on the raised firing surface, enabling easier damming of glass projects, easy access for roll-ups, combing, high-fires, great set ups for metal clays, glass painting, and more. 
  • Another unique design element is the introduction of the table side controller. The removal of the controller box from the firing lid means longer life for the electronics, as they are removed from the heated area. The weight of the box is eliminated from the lid allowing for easier operation, and easier programming.
  • In addition, we added quartz encased elements that produce even, direct heating using infra-red technology. This design bonus delivers the added benefits of longer element life and unparalleled heat penetration through the glass and speed, giving you more heat for less money.
  • The all-in-one stand with adjustable leveling feet built into this all fiber design makes this kiln really light and portable. At only 45 pounds, you can take this kiln anywhere. Plus, since it's so lightweight this kiln ships UPS right to your door, keeping your shipping costs low.
Best of all, this model was developed to run on just 120 volts, and draws just 15 amps. This major benefit delivers a spectacular advantage...

  • Professionals and hobbyists alike can plug this into a regular studio/household 20 amp plug without needing to have an electrician rewire anything. So professional artists can add this to their studios without any major adjustments, and hobbyists can move this to any room in their house; set up, work, fire, and then store it away.
OK, so we're enthusiastic! 

This kiln includes our most reliable AutoFire 3 Button Digital Controller that comes preprogrammed with 40+ firing schedules and the additional back-up safety relay. You'll be able to get started even faster than before!

There are even additional options you can order. 
  • An upgrade to 17 amps will super charge the speed and get you to fusing temps in under 60 minutes...zoom!
  • Bump up to a 12 Button AutoFire Digital Controller for faster, professional level programming.
  • Like a ceramic shelf experience? Add one with some matching posts!
  • Want fiber shelves? We can do that too!
As always, all Profusion Series kilns come with our 1 year limited warranty

Here's the bottom line! $1300 plus UPS shipping, which we anticipate to come in between $65 - $90 depending on where you live. Contact your Jen-Ken Kilns retailer or online dealer to get one NOW!