Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Solid State Relays – Why they are the best choice for your kiln!

Relays are switches that turn the heating elements on and off in your kiln. Solid state relays deliver precision power control and output thereby extending the life of your kilns heating elements. They do this by only allowing the heating elements to switch on and off when the AC voltage is at 0V. Because they contain no moving parts solid state relays can turn the heating elements on and off up to 60 times per second, much faster than mechanical relays, and with no moving parts there is nothing to wear out and replace. This results in longer element life and enhanced performance through reliable and precise temperature control. They are also completely silent, no annoying clicking noise constantly going off when you are teaching or working in your studio!

If you live in a hot climate or are working in an non-air conditioned area such as a garage or outside you will need a heat sink to keep it cool, a heat sink is device for absorbing or dissipating excess heat; for example a small desk fan blowing into the relay box. These tiny 4-inch desk fans work great for keeping relays cool while still allowing your kiln to reach proper temperature! If you fire often, then solid state relays really are the best choice for you and by maintaining the proper environmental conditions they can last the lifetime of your kiln!

Solid State Relays are available on most of the larger kilns. Contact us today to see if we can add one to your kiln order!

Join me next time when I discuss our new line kilns for heat-treating knives!

Happy Firing, 
Cricket Chirps